Kelly McLaughlin, LCSW


Kelly is a Clinical Social Worker who recently relocated to Arizona from Delaware where she had her own private practice.  As a graduate from West Chester University and The University of Delaware, Kelly has seven years of experience providing therapy.  Kelly specializes in treating depression, anxiety, stress, and family conflict.   Kelly’s clients have been successful in overcoming panic attacks, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, depression, self-injury, and anger outbursts.  Kelly enjoys working with couples, families and teens focusing on relationships, communication, boundaries, conflict, divorce, and parenting.

Kelly views each client as a healthy individual full of strengths and potential.  She does not perceive others based on a diagnosis or their symptoms.  Kelly believes that therapy works best when the client is motivated and feels comfortable and understood by their therapist.   Her biggest strength is her ability to compassionately connect with clients and understand their individual needs/circumstances.

Kelly’s treatment approach is a blended holistic approach.  She uses techniques from several evidence based approaches such as; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which focuses on thought patterns and expectations. Thoughts dictate mood which influences behavior.  Kelly also uses Mindfulness which helps one to connect to the moment without worrying about the past or future.  Mindfulness and CBT techniques help clients regulate thoughts, anxiety, mood, behavior, and increase insight and self-awareness.  Kelly also teaches and encourages other coping skills such as breathing techniques, meditation, and body work.  Kelly believes that a key to healing is a holistic approach that respects mind, body, and the  intentions of a person.

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