My DOT-SAP Privacy Policies

According to DOT Regulations, as an employee who has violated the DOT regulations, you do not hold rights to confidentiality as you would in other forms of behavioral health treatment.  The SAP has full rights to information regarding your attendance to treatment, progress and compliance, as well as open communication with your employer regarding your compliance of your SAP Treatment Plan.

Payment for the SAP Services

Payment for SAP services are charged on a flat rate of $525 per case, not on an hourly basis.  The fee includes the required SAP evaluations, coordination of care with community resources as directed by the SAP Treatment Plan, case management services to obtain appropriate documentation of compliance to the treatment plan, as well as all communication via phone and fax, and reports compiled on behalf of the SAP case submitted to the treatment providers as well as to the employer’s DER and when requested, the coordinating Employee Assistance Program.  Payment is expected at the beginning of the first meeting with the SAP. If services are paid by the employer, then prior arrangements must be made between the employer and the SAP to arrange coordination of care/payment for the employee’s SAP services. If you, the employee, are unprepared to pay, the SAP has the right to terminate the evaluation according to their discretion, which will result in non-compliance according to DOT regulations.  Payment can be in the form of cash, credit card, debit card or money order only.  No personal checks accepted. While it may seem like a large amount to pay, there are a large amount of hours associated in handling such cases appropriately, above and beyond the face to face time with you, the DOT employee.

Session Appointments

All appointments may be booked, rescheduled and cancelled online through the website link on www.saptherapist.com. As is common practice, we require a 48-hour notice to cancel or reschedule your session. Upon making your first appointment we ask you to put a credit card on file because you are essentially purchasing your session time slot in advance. Because failure to show up or cancel without 48 hours notice means that someone else will be without an appointment, you will be charged $75 for your missed session in these circumstances. If you are late we will still end the session at your scheduled end time, but you may be considered non-compliant due to failure to attend appointments as scheduled. At our discretion, arriving more than 15 minutes late may mean your session is cancelled outright but the session fee will still be attached.  If you choose not to attend your appointments as scheduled, you may be in violation of your SAP Treatment Plan.  Always call to consult when you have a concern regarding your appointment changes well in advance in order to remain in compliance and in good standing. Ongoing communication is key when navigating through the SAP Process.


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