Policies-EAP Consulting

EAP Consulting Policies

All Employee Assistance Professional (EAP) services provided require prior authorization, as services are being paid by a Third Party, the Employer. Services covered include EAP Assessment and Referral and Counseling, SAP Services, Management Consultation and Coaching, Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, Employee and or Management Training, Brown Bag seminars, Workforce Reduction Support and Health Fair Representation.

For the Employee

If you were referred to us for services through your EAP, please use the “Schedule An Appointment” button (on the right sidebar of this page and most pages of the site) to book your first appointment.  If you would like to schedule with us using your EAP benefit, please contact your EAP directly first to request an authorization and have it faxed to us prior to your first appointment. Please make sure this authorization includes how many sessions your EAP will cover and what your authorization number is, as you will need it. After your authorization has been provided, feel free to book an appointment via the “Schedule An Appointment button on the website, and our office will handle it from there. If we are not a participating provider for your EAP, please let us know and we will attempt to obtain a temporary contract for your services.  Alternative arrangement for payment may also be made, such as billing via your insurance or private pay. Please keep in mind the 48 hour cancellation policy and have all of your forms and authorizations available.

For EAP Referrals

If you are calling from an EAP referring an employee to our office and want to verify that we are able to accept the case, please send an e-mail to info@saptherapist.com for the fastest response with the following information:

  • Name of EAP, Case Manager and Phone Number
  • Reason for Referral
  • Time Constraints (to be aware of and/or scheduling needs to be accommodated)
  • Case No. and No. of Sessions Approved
  • Referral Type:  (mandatory, suggested or self-referral)

We will quickly verify with you that we are able to accept the case and assign an appropriate in-network provider based on the client and EAP’s needs.  In addition, we will let you know if we are unable to accommodate the needs of the case.

After the case has been linked to one of our providers, please direct the client to register through our website as a new client by clicking on the “Schedule an Appointment” button, and direct them to complete all of the information to request an appointment with the approved provider.

For the Employer

Please call or e-mail us to coordinate services. Most services are arranged and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, unless terms are defined by an existing contract. Always feel free to e-mail or call for an initial phone consultation at no charge.

For Small Businesses

If you are you a Small Business Owner who would like Employee Assistance Support, but does not want to get into a large contract, our services are the answer.  Strategies For Success offers EAP services on a case-by-case, fee-for-service basis.  Always feel free to contact us to discuss your circumstance, such as performance issues, work-group conflict, an employee struggling with mental health or substance abuse problems. we will always provide the initial consultation at no charge, and can make a preliminary recommendation to assist you in addressing your presenting problem and establish a plan to resolve it.

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