Fees: Affordable Service Plan vs. Regular Rate Schedule Comparison

We will do everything possible to work with your insurance plan or EAP benefit.  However, at times, clients prefer to not bill through their insurance, or do not have insurance that they are able to use at Strategies for Success, for whatever reason.  As an alternative to insurance, Strategies for Success offers the Affordable Service Plan Membership!

A one-time membership for $59.00 per individual, or $149.00 per family, is a one-time only charge for set up of the program as an introductory promotion.  Beginning 2018, the program will be offered with monthly and  annual membership options.  In general, our rates are billed in 15-minute increments and are applied to phone contact, paperwork completion, coordination of care, case management, preparation of patient records and school reports, no show and late cancel fees(less than 48 hours, must be less than 3 hours before scheduled appointment time. The membership fee must be paid in full to access the discounted rates.  In addition,  ASP members gain access to special events, seminars, and promotions!  This makes a wonderful birthday or holiday gift as well!!

With ASP Membership

Without ASP Membership


Psychiatry Intake $185 $250
Psychiatry follow-up(30 min) $135/30 Min. $175/30 Min.
Psychiatry Services (15 Min.) $125/15 Min. $150/15 Min
Therapists Services Intake $75 $150
Therapists Services (per 15 min). F/U-Individual $16.00 $31.25
Family or Couples Session(per 15 min) $21.25 $135  Includes session with child
Paperwork Completion $55-flat rate $35/15 minutes  Disability, letters, etc.


DOT/SAP Services

With ASP Membership

Without ASP Membership

Initial SAP Evaluation $175.00 $250.00
Follow Up SAP Evaluation $75.00 $150.00
Case Management Services $20/15 Min. $40/15 Min.
Connect Groups: Womens, Mens, Teens, Weight Loss, and Education $35 $55

SAP Specialty Programs: Client is to attend Intake Appointments for Psychiatric and Psychotherapy, complete Assessment Modules, Labs (if indicated) and Drug and Alcohol Testing during first appointment. Applies to Binge Eating/Weight Loss and Drug and Alcohol Education Programs.

Drug and Alcohol Education Program

(Group, Individual, Drug and Alcohol testing and monitoring by Nurse Practitioner)
Attend Counseling Intake, Psych Intake, Drug and Etoh Test, and Testing Modules.

Strategies for Success Weight Loss Program

Evaluation Process required for consideration to enter program includes two sessions:

1st Session:
Psychiatric Evaluation
Counseling Evaluation
Hormone Evaluation(when Indicated)
Lab Panel
Testing Modules
Note: Patient must coordinate with PCP to get health clearance and EKG. Results to be provided at 2nd consultation appointment.

2nd Session (Consultation Appointment):
Review of Results from Evaluation with Nurse Practitioner and Counseling Assessments.
Determination made for inclusion to program, and Individualized Treatment Plan Developed with Practitioner and Participant to include a combination of the following, designed for the individual person:

  • Regular follow-up with Nurse Practitioner
  • Individual, couples and family Counseling
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Online access to other group participants and staff for support
  • Weight, Food and Mood Tracking

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