Patient Fusion and Appointment Scheduling

2634684_xlWelcome to Strategies for Success! You have reached our Patient Scheduling Page. Whether you are a new client or existing, we want your experience

If you are NEW to SFS and have NOT set up a profile on Patient Fusion:

Please ENROLL in the Strategies For Success Patient Portal, by going to Patient Fusion, and searching for Strategies For Success by city (Chandler). Follow the directions onscreen to complete your profile.

You will be able to schedule, cancel and reschedule appointments online with ease.

You will also be able to update your information, receive appointment reminders, and communicate securely with your SFS provider and our staff.

Questions about Strategies for Success Patient Portal (on Patient Fusion)? Please call (480) 252-5152 or email us at appointment@saptherapist(dot)com

Existing Client Scheduling

If you are an EXISTING client and would like to make an appointment with your therapist, please click on their name below and you will be directed to their appointment calendar:

Elizabeth Rahamim, LCSW, SAP

Jennifer Menichello, MA, LPC

Regina Robison, MA, LPC 

Veronica Saulog, LPC, NCC

Kelly McLaughlin, LCSW

Questions about Appointments? Please call (480) 252-5152 or email us at appointment@saptherapist(dot)com

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