Family Counseling Services

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As parents, our goal is to build strong children who have a healthy, successful future ahead of them. It is our job to prepare them for the world.

This job is harder than it has ever been before, due to lack of family support, competition with technology and decreased family time due to overtaxed work schedules and extra-curricular activities.

Family counseling will give you and your children the tools you need to bring a new sense of peace to your lives.  We believe in empowering parents,  and empowering children, where appropriate, by providing knowledge and strategies to address the presenting problems that are most relevant in your family on a day to day basis.  Learning new ways to communicate, address issues like depression and anxiety, and effective parenting and discipline techniques can all lead to family success!

Some of our therapists have specialty experience working with blended families, divorce, substance abuse, bullying,  learning difficulties, social problems, disabilities and developmental problems such as Autism and ADHD.

Our ultimate goal, while working with your whole family, will be to facilitate a more stable, peaceful and positive environment for all members of your family to thrive, and to be as successful as you can be.

See our Counseling Policies:

Counseling Policies

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