Individual Counseling Services

photodune-568562-depressed-man-xsWe find our clients seek out Individual counseling for many reasons. More often than not, they have already tried to resolve problems in their life unsuccessfully, and are seeking the advice of a Professional for a fresh perspective.

Time in counseling is spent learning about how long-standing habits of patterns of behavior and thinking may be interfering with engaging in a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Symptoms can include Depression, Anxiety, and Mood Changes, often the result of unmet expectations.  Your Therapist will assist you in obtaining relief from these symptoms.

By facilitating a self-understanding in a confidential, caring and compassionate environment, psychotherapy can help build an increased capacity to live, work and relate to others more successfully.

At Strategies for Success, we utilize a functional, problem solving approach to Psychotherapy. By combining counseling techniques, collateral resources and the helping you to identify your motivation to change, Individual Counseling can help you meet your goals of living a happier, more meaningful  and fulfilling life.

See Our Counseling Policies:

Counseling Policies
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